Are you implying the CTS-V has poor resale? If so you are fairly ignorant to the market on that car. Given your ignorance on it's reliability and negative remark on the styling I'll take you don't really know anything about it. » 1/30/12 3:28pm 1/30/12 3:28pm

Really, those foreign companies would fire all of their employees in their home country to hire people in the US to take over the engineering, finance, purchasing, etc roles? I feel you have little idea of how the auto industry actually operates. » 9/27/11 3:31pm 9/27/11 3:31pm

N-ring times are a great measuring stick, but not a be all end all. How many attempts, what was the ambient temp, humidity, traffic, endless list of variables. A car w/ Nurbergring in the name (of the 50 models built solely to attach this tracks record) surely had more laps and development for that… » 9/12/11 1:09pm 9/12/11 1:09pm

Exactly my thoughts! I'm not a true master of grammar by any stretch, but sometimes it blows my mind reading the ramblings of people in posession of extremely high dollar toys on various forums (high performance boat forums in particular). » 9/07/11 12:51pm 9/07/11 12:51pm